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Industry reaction to SAARF's new proposed marketing research currency

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Teen creates website with kittens punching Donald Trump, and now the lawyers have come after her

Img..She changed the name of the site to Kittenfeed.com on the advice of a family lawyer and the letters were sent again. The site is currently down but can still be accessed via the web archive. A YouTube video shows an action shot from the website where..
The Independent. Mar 23, 2017 01:45 UTC

UCSD librarian marries print and digital in perfect union

Img..I spent a good chunk of time working with CDL, where I helped found the Online Archive of California, based completely on the web. As a librarian, I knew there were all of these archives — small archives in less well known regions of the state, little..
The San Diego Union-Tribune. Mar 21, 2017 20:28 UTC