EF. Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake

My Take On Wake

Tuesday 08/30/2016
Painting a Pretty Picture of Wake's Plug Uglies

As writers, we look for word pictures. As a writer who happens to be a beat guy, I look for people on the beat who can paint those word pictures.

Wednesday 08/24/2016
Clawson's Biggest Decision Was Made For Him

Dave Clawson set out this preseason to establish one player as his quarterback, saying in July he didn't want to go with a two-quarterback system.

Monday 08/22/2016
Gut Was Wrong, Wolford to Start

Shows how much I know.

Sunday 08/21/2016
A Rumbling Gut on Quarterback Competition

Dave Clawson watches replays of Wake's scrimmages at least four times, once by himself, once with the other coaches, once with the tight ends and finally with the team as a whole.

Friday 08/19/2016
In a Corner, Wake Turns to Latter at Cornerback

It's anybody's bet where Jalen Latter will line up in practice.

Thursday 08/18/2016
Disclosing the Backstory of Undisclosed Injuries

By far, the hottest hot-button issue in football is head trauma. Officials, coaches, players and parents are grappling with it from Pee Wee Leagues all the way through the NFL. Movies are being made about it, starring Will Smith.

Tuesday 08/16/2016
Haney's gone, but battles go on at Wake Forest

T.J.Haney, barring a string of injuries in the offensive line, was not going to see the field for Wake this season. And now he's gone.

Monday 08/15/2016
Clawson to Carry On Without Courtney

One of the many pleasures I've had this month while covering Wake football practices has been getting better acquainted with Courtney Clawson, who has been her father Dave's steadfast companion through rain and shine, early morning and late night, heat and more heat.

Sunday 08/14/2016
Dom Maggio Puts Best Foot Forward

College football coaches are famous for playing games before the games ever start.

Wednesday 08/10/2016
The Bill Dooley I Got to Know

Bill Dooley was, in many respects, a man out of time during his six seasons as football coach at Wake.

Tuesday 08/09/2016
My Take on Wake: An Optical Illusion Named Carney Opens Eyes

Standing alongside freshman Cade Carney after this morning's practice, the Wake roster makes more sense.

Monday 08/08/2016
Speed Demons Among the Deacons

Although the fastest player is not always the best player on a football field, speed sure can come in handy.

Saturday 08/06/2016
Wake Quarterbacks Pull Together Instead of Apart

John Wolford has all the reasons he would ever need to dislike Kendall Hinton, but he just can't bring himself feel that way.

Friday 08/05/2016
Former Wall Bird Now Perched in Catbird's Seat

The first person I encountered this morning when I reached my new vantage point for watching Wake football practice was Jody Puckett, a long-time friend who proudly announced this was the 50th-straight season of being on hand for the first practice of fall camp.

Wednesday 08/03/2016
Old Dog Learning New Trick

Over the past three days I’ve learned that running back Tyler Bell will miss a couple of weeks with an ankle injury, defensive tackle Josh Banks and safety Ryan Janvion have recovered from injuries and will be good to go for Friday morning’s first practice that graduate transfer Austin Arians is ready to play both inside and outside for the basketball team.

Q&A With Danny Manning

Q: So what have you seen so far?

Tuesday 08/02/2016
Interview with Deacons' defensive coordinator Mike Elko worth it, despite dodging dump trucks

If Wake Forest makes it as hard for opposing teams to reach the end zone as I had reaching my parking space on campus Tuesday morning, then the Deacons will almost certainly lead the ACC — if not all of college football — in every defensive statistic.

Q&A With Mike Elko: Take I

MTOW: What excites you most about your defense going into the season?

Q&A with Mike Elko: Take II

MTOW: In the secondary, you replaced the best pair of cornerbacks I’ve ever seen at Wake and you did OK. This year you’ve obviously got an experienced veteran in Watson and you’ve got a real battle on the other side with (Amari) Henderson and (Dionte) Austin, right?

Monday 08/01/2016
Tanned, Rested and Raring to Go

Expecting Warren Ruggiero to field an effective offense at Wake Forest the past two seasons would be like asking a cook left with moldy bread in the pantry and curdled milk in the refrigerator to prepare a gourmet meal.